Nomination for Membership

Nomination for membership should originate with a member and be endorsed by one other member. Nominations should go to the Chairperson. Criteria to consider in nominating a new member are as follows:

(a) that the research field be clearly in the natural or physical sciences;

(b) that the nominee be Iowa State University faculty or staff who is personally conducting research;

(c) that the research activity and productivity be substantial and of high quality; and

(d) that the nominee be on campus one year, or be transferring from another organization where they were responsible for their own research program.

The Nomination and Election Process: The two nominators should complete the form below and send it electronically, along with a full CV for the candidate, to the current chair of the club. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the Active and Life Members is then required to approve the proposed new member. The new member is introduced at the next possible meeting of the Osborn Club and is asked to give a presentation on their research at one of the regular meetings.

To be an Active Member, attendance at three of the eight meetings of the calendar year is required. The rule is suspended when notification is given of being off campus or ill for one-half of the academic year. Lack of attendance places the member in the Associate Membership status. Associate Members cannot vote for members or officers. Associate Members not attending one meeting during the preceding two years are dropped from the roll.

Life Membership is granted after 25 years of membership. Life Members are exempt from attendance requirements; however, those who leave the Ames area are not continued on the Club roll.

Download Nomination Form (Microsoft Word)